An insight into COVID-19 in the Ukraine

by Iryna Kanya, MSc Human Rights, Institute for Research in International Assistance, Akkon Hochschule

As of 17th of March, there were only 14 registered COVID-19 cases in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Health. Even though the number of infected was not high in comparison with other European countries, Ukraine took the situation seriously by prior closing its borders, introducing a quarantine, shutting down public transport, domestic travels. However, such preventive measures to slow the spread of coronavirus were not accompanied by more essential ones as mass testing, prior purchase of a sufficient quantity of coronavirus tests or artificial lung ventilation machines for severe cases. The lack of indispensable medical equipment prevented the Ukraine to achieve a more effective response against the novel virus from the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Hence, the government is being criticized, both by society and health care experts, in particular by the former Minister of Health, Ulana Suprun. This report highlights the timeline from the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine, the number of cases, the number of lethal cases, the cases by regions, groups at higher risk in numbers, Ukraine’s health care system readiness, problems and challenges the state is facing in its battle against COVID-19.

Find the whole report here (PDF): COVID-19 in the Ukraine Report

(Note: This article only reflects the personal opinion of the author.)


Iryna Kanya, Intern at the Institute for Research in International Assistance, Akkon Hochschule. Having recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Rights, Iryna is interested in medical law, human rights, and public health. She plans to pursue a career in the field of medical law and aspires to help in improving the health care system in Ukraine.