„What remains of the mask. The unmasked society. Ethical and psychological aspects of the symbolism and practice of masking under conditions of COVID-19“.
A workshop in two parts, organized by the Working Group in the Global Health Hub Germany, „Global Health, Values and Ethics“:
Part 2 International Perspectives
Ole Döring (Germany, Ethics)
„What the mask reveals: the face of solidarity and and responsibility“

ZHENG Zhijie (China, Global Health)
Chinese experiences: Covid, the mask and values

Farzad Goli (Iran, Biosemiotics)
„Masked face or face image; a communicative dilemma“
(discussion: https://ijbmc.org/index.php/ijbmc/article/download/216/167 )

Ulrich Sollmann (Germany, Social Psychology)
„The masked self: expression, self-esteem and social competence“

Hamidreza Namazi (Iran, Medical Ethics)
“Levinas – face to face philosophy and mask in the Corona pandemic”
(discussion: https://ijbmc.org/index.php/ijbmc/article/download/217/170 )

Fred Dubee (Finland, Health Economics)
„SISU culture in a masked world“

Short inputs and open discussion.
September 22, 11.15 – 12.45
Password: GHT2020-04